A Whole Room Of These Mutant Kids

currenty working on some cool pairs of packing boxers for AJ! Like who the fuck can pay for multiple pairs of those really fancy pairs of packing boxer briefs??? Ain’t nobody got time fo that! XD

These’s are gonna be super coooool! They’re gonna have a pocket for a packer and a lining in case the curse is in town. Hopefully at some point I can get the supplies to make a proper harness for boxers too. I love that I have the skills to replicate stuff like this since it can get SO expensive! I might make a tutorial for them too, we’ll see

mouse heart pendant // $20

for sale here 

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Gah it must be so nice to transition. It must be nice to see the person you’ve been this whole time in the mirror one day.

I’m never gonna be able to have that moment. Or see the guy I actually am. Ever. All my other medical issues are keeping me from transitioning. This is why I’ve buried the thought of wanting to transition. This is why I don’t even let myself THINK about it. For what???? Its never gonna happen. Period.


Pain, without love
Pain, I can’t get enough
Pain, I like it rough
'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all

Crochet BMO in progress!!!!!!!

Photo: There is a #crochet #BMO plushie coming together over here at KBC! I'm writing the pattern myself as we speak and it will be up for sale some time in the coming weeks ((:

Making a crochet BMO plushie right now. And I’m actually making/writing my own pattern!!! I’m probably going to have the patern for sale soon!
I’m feelin’ my Abuela in the room, guiding my hands and leading the way. (She would be so proud of me if she was still here right now)

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